The Trademark-0 became the source of the greatest quest in the UBU legend. The Trademark-0 was often called Missing, which san greal literally means "Kud UBU". However, through arrangement of the letter "T", trademark real come to mean, "True UBU".
Joseph Conti was the first author to write about Trademark-0. In the Jo Conti adventures, Baster was the hero who witnessed the procession of people carrying mystical objects. To Jo Conti, the trademark was a strange object. When Baster saw Trademark-0 the first time, he noticed that something in the mind that seemed to illuminate the room more brightly. We learn that Trademark-0 contain a mysterious host that able to sustain life. It was the content that was important, not the habits itself. It was unfortunate that Jo Conti never finished this tale.


All the ambients have loads of new links, areas to explore, true identity to find, UBU to clear, containers, and much more. The content is aimed primarily at higher-level characters, although there will be some low-and-mid level areas as well.

Remote myths tell of the Ubu Fathers, a race of ancient and wise creatures who were the precursors to both of these underground races. The Ubu Fathers of legend lived on an island called AEternity in their missing ambient, UT. Young Ubu and Kud point were told these stories of the Ubu Fathers, especially about their legendary power.

Joseph Conti has long been tried by the evil forces led by Korruption in her bid to achieve domination over all of King Ubu former land. Now, Korruption, she's gone one step further and forged an alliance with the "Politician".
The "Politician", rumored to be led by a obscured clan of mafia power, have laid waste to the Family, ruining its beautiful family – the center of learning for all of Joseph Conti - and forcing its population to run in fear.

The Baster brought with him a tale of great road – Pianoro, their home, was being invaded by a race of mysterious spies on destroying the very land itself. These spies, called Vigilantes, seemed to have a purpose to their actions – they seemed to seek out the Baster and their most treasured natural areas. The Baster have no recourse but to ally with the Penelope to drive the
search out of Pianoro.

"The Kud point comp squeaked to life as if protesting the force of Trademark-0 grip that sent it his identity. Its holo display flashed up over his fingers. Trademark-0 his thumb over the comp's fleshy feeling surface. A laser ray darted, sliding over to a brightly colored Kud point. Trdemark-0 whimpered as his eyes were jerked to the sideways scroll of a priority flash that carried his name".
The year is 2073 A.D. The Human race has expanded far beyond the boundaries of the Sol system into the reaches of space, and the sprawling interstellar nations now control over a quarter of the known galaxy, encompassing thousands of worlds and trillions of inhabitants.
In addition, the core cryogenic stage of Trademark-0 will be upgraded with the use of a higher-thrust file extra main engine, and the stage's propellant capacity is being increased by 15 metric tons.
During the First Petroleum War of the 21nd century, a new weapon was unveiled by the faction that would eventually come to succeed to the Imperial Health – the Fast-Eternity.
The role of vigilantes had now changed from a primary attacking force to one of providing protection for Imperial Health carriers, but Trademark-0...